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I am in love
with the
green earth.
— Charles Lamb

LawnWorks is exactly the company you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.


Commercial or industrial plazas, apartment complexes or home owner's associations, cemeteries and historical venues,
private homes, large or small, urban, suburban or somewhere
in between you will find our knowledgeable, articulate, well mannered crews
hard at work treating your venue like one of their own.
Quality, experienced, custom care at competitive prices. 
We are here to help.

HIC.0639410 • DEEP S-6175, B-3147


Solving your groundskeeping
challenges 24/7/365!


We have a true passion for this
beautiful green earth.


Experienced, skilled, thoughtful professionals who know
how to make your life easy.

Mark Dowd • Owner   30 + years of experience give Mark a unique point of view and understanding of what excellent property management is all about. An eternal lover of the outdoors, Mark studied geography in college, he sets the stewardship bar high for every single property that LawnWorks CT LLC services. Mark's eye is always on developing an enduring long term management and care plan for your venue. Mark's breadth and understanding of your needs is unmatched and his mantra of thoughtful stewardship is always present. mark@lawnworksct.com

Calum MacEwan, CANP, Arborist • Operations & IPM Manager, Organic Lawn & Shrub Care Specialist   Calum brings an unique perspective to our team. Calum harkins from Scotland with a degree in Pharmacology from University of Glasgow and with that he also brings an enormous love and respect of the outdoors which translates into a vigorous quest for all things green and organic! In addition to being our operations manager Calum is both an expert in organic lawn care, integrated pest management, and is a certified nursery landscape professional. Calum has a deep sense of place, history and regard for making our world a better place one lawn at a time. His greeting of "CHEERS" says it all. calum@lawnworksct.com

Austin Dowd • Equipment Systems Manager  Having grown up surrounded by the needs of external property management, Austin has a deep understanding of the part that proper equipment plays in a job well done. Integral to any good service plan is the right equipment and Austin excels at developing equipment systems plans for each and every property LawnWorks CT LLC services. With the heart and brain of a civil engineer (Austin is pursuing his Masters in Civil Engineering at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland) and a willingness to step outside the box — Austin's equipment game plans bring it home and help ensure that LawnWorks CT LLC will always get the job done right and in a timely fashion. austin@lawnworksct.com

Dave Hellner • Invasive Species Expert & Safety Manager  Dave is an invasive species specialist with an electric background. We love our veterans! Dave is a former Army paratrooper who served as a Russian linguist and military intelligence operator with the special operations community. He is a trained naval explosives handler/torpedo recovery technician and is certified hazardous waster operations (invasive plants run when they see him coming!) and crane rigging equipment inspections. Dave has a BA degree from Regents College and in planning on enrolling in a MBA-Engineering program. His hobbies include saltwater fishing, axe throwing and English longbow archery.

Ricki Hellner • Master Gardener & Landscape Specialty Stylist  Ricki has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and an extensive history as an art director. With an emphasis on local artisan Ricki can translate your personal style into landscape elements reflective of your own unique energy. A true lover of color, plants, animals and all of nature Ricki has a ten acre farm in Burlington, CT. Ceilidh (Kay•lee) House Farm  is home to her family, two border collies, 8 sheep, and 4 horses. Ricki regularly travels to Europe gathering landscape inspiration along the way. Look for her upcoming blog @thefarm  as she documents the landscape renovations at the farm and her favorite picks. Ricki schedules design consultation appointments on Fridays.



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